kkconsult offers various kinds of performing the services to be flexible enough to meet the individual requirements of the customers:

Classroom training

This kind of performance is well known. kkconsult offers no fixed databut is flexible enough to arrange that according to the given requirements.

Virtual classroom training

This kind of training is similar to thenormal classroom training but performed via theinternet.All you need is internetaccess, headset and microphone and a webcam. Youwill receive a login to easily jointhe session from anywhere you are! It is a live performance with an interactivepossibility and therefore totally differs from a standardised multi-media-based training.    


Where the practical execution ofspecial topics is the primary focus kkconsult also offers workshops to combine thetraining lessons with practical exercises. These can be performed as normal classroom workshops or via the virtual classrooom.


Manuals will always accompany the training sessions. But if there arespecial requirements in special topics where no training is necessary orrequired or if only a written document is required kkconsult also offersmanuals.


It is you who decides…